Thursday, March 22, 2018

.... meanwhile in Germany & Austria *****Neue Sachlichkeit, circa 1926******

Otto Dix, The Jeweler Karl Krall, 1926

Max Beckmann, portrait of a Turk, 1926

Otto Dix, Sylvia von Harden, 1920s

George Grosz, The Poet Max Hermann Neisse, 1927

Otto Dix, Self-Portrait, 1928

Barthel Gilles, Self portrait with Gas Mask, 1930

George Grosz, Portrait of Felix Weil 1926

Jeanne Mammen, Schaccista, 1929

Christian Schad, Self-portrait, 1927

Otto Dix, Alfred Flechtheim, 1926

Otto Dix, Portrait of Hugo Simmons, 1925

1- Neue Sachlichkeit artists embraced realism in defiance of trends towards abstraction,
2- they renounced the idiosyncratic subjectivities espoused by early German Expressionists.
3- they combine their realism with the biting protest of the Dada movement.
4- this ralism is not traditional, rather it's a distorted and dark realism to expose the moral degradation in German society.
5- you see portraiture, and self-portraiture,
6- there's a tension in the portrait between the individual being represented and the type, or roll, that person plays in society.
7- the portraits exhibit unflattering details or unsettling psychological effects,
8- there is intimacy,
9- caricature &
10- Kriegstrauma,

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