Thursday, April 12, 2018

Post-war rethoric of consumability (what do we have so far)

What do we have so far? 

*Graphic design contributed to a culture of consumption and modernism became a consumable idea, as once-experimental forms were popularized through style trends.
*Graphic designers were increasingly involved in creating lifestyle fantasies that were not inherently connected to the goods and services they sold. These fantasies often concealed production histories while promoting widespread consumption.
* Brand identities not only lent an appearance of difference to similar products but also became commodities themselves, demonstrating that a designed concept was a marketable one.
* Graphic design in the USA was ennobled by official praise for using democratic ideals and entrepreneurship, even as many innovative forms of visual modernism became contested political ground in Europe.
*Art directors, commercial artists and layout designers began to see the value and professional organizations and trade publications that highlighted their respective roles and promoted their field as a whole.