Saturday, May 26, 2012

the new power of arthoodication?

Stephen Kornhauser’s glass jar of cotton balls used to clean the museum’s Jean Arp 

the new power of arthoodication at m. bourbaki:
The general purpose of curators and critics is to enthuse the public the into consuming art. Art is culture. Culture is good for you. But culture, as Donna Haraway suggests, can be a logic of "domination of a necessary but dangerous instinctual nature." Unfortunately, artists, the other party in this game, are too concerned mimicking & negotiating with what's already sanctioned out there in their Weltanschauung (incidentally, a systemic organism digesting symbols in the same redundant manner). The jar exhibits a categorical problem: How to explain this uncanny passage from objecthood-to-arthood unless it undergoes a process of arthoodication? Is it really about a magic-friction-factor? Is it proximity of contact or q-entanglement whereby the cotton balls and Jean Arp's museum sculpture become a part of the same phenomenon?).