Thursday, December 15, 2005


I’m in the middle of moving --while reading your papers. To top it off, my email at dada was cancelled (they promised to bring it back tonight). If you sent something, it got returned. When I have some time, I’ll go over a critique. It will address pros and cons of each piece at the exhibit. Au revoir.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Lisa Schwal's "The Last Supper"

Ana G. Gonzalez's "It's Robbing Me of My Reading Time"

Amanda Rousse's "Mis Pies Hacen el Trabajo"

Josh Borgschulte's "The Depreciation of Life"

Heidi Abella's "What Ochun Likes"

Naomi Witt's "Water Fall Lilly"

Natalia Villegas' "From Here to Where?"

Sarah Schermerhorn's "Help Wanted"

Nydia Perez's "Boris"

Art 106 Class

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Update: Tonight's Show

We’re almost done! At 7pm we’ll fix Heidi and Ana’s installations (Sierra is doing a performance). There’s a nice blurb in thenextfewhours about the show. Thanks, Kathleen! Tomorrow we’ll post some pics from the event.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Update: Final Show

Securing a space hasn’t been easy. Today, finally I got an email from Tiffany over at Dacra. Craig Robins (the entrepreneur) was kind enough to find a space over at the Buena Vista Building (the building where Carlos de Villasante had his last show). Room #216 is a small but nice space on the second floor. There’s a problem: Because we’re so close to Art Basel, the artists are still dismantling their work. I’ve been told that we may work in the space on --the latest-- Saturday. If that’s the case, we’ll go there Sunday noon and mount our show for that evening. If not, it would have to be on Monday. Not optimal, but it’s the best I can do now. Getting a room at UM has been impossible, even though I’ve sent emails to numerous people, including the Department Chair. They know (for the past six years) that this one-night event is a crucial component in my ART 106 class. Yes, I’m pissed off.

Saturday, December 3, 2005


I’m negotiating a new date for the exhibition. By the way, Liz Cerejido, curator at FIU and a well-known Miami artist will come to our class next Thursday. Hope you’re enjoying Art Basel.

Friday, December 2, 2005


Kids: There's so much to see! My picks for the rest of the weekend are (aside from the AB Convention Center): OMNIART (with a bunch of artists from all over FIU, New World, UM, etc), NADA, which is always a nice alternative, SCOPE (which has been consistently good in precious years). Don't miss Maritza Molina's opening at Tachmes Gallery. There's also CIFO.
See ya!

Thursday, December 1, 2005


This Thursday and through the weekend is ART BASEL. Go out there, find whatever excites you (there's a lot to see). Write me a page of your experiences. We will discuss your findings and opinions next Thursday. Tonight I’m negotiating a space for the show even outside UM (wish me luck). A new lecture post is forthcoming. I'll keep the comments open in case you want to share some interesting discoveries. Ciao!