Thursday, December 1, 2005


This Thursday and through the weekend is ART BASEL. Go out there, find whatever excites you (there's a lot to see). Write me a page of your experiences. We will discuss your findings and opinions next Thursday. Tonight I’m negotiating a space for the show even outside UM (wish me luck). A new lecture post is forthcoming. I'll keep the comments open in case you want to share some interesting discoveries. Ciao!


anita said...

sinsce i didn't comment for the mina's discussion, i guess i should leave a comment first.

my plans:
bfa show tonight (friend from FAU),
Cars and Fishes (is that the name of it?) outside the PAC friday night
D-District saturday evening.

yeah, lots to see, lots to do, little time!!!

hope everyone enjoys art basel!

sierra said...

thing i liked the most... black and white photo of a younge man standing on a block with his leg amputated... It was amazing... meant to look like greek statue... what a consept.

Nydia said...

Art Basel was so intimidating! There is so much to see it is almost too much to see! After about twenty minutes, I was more somewhere between intimidated and overwhelmed! But it was AWESOME! Everything there was just crazy!-but in a good way! Among my favorites were the Alice in Wonderland painting of a little girl in a white communion dress serving coffee, one of a desk that stuck out of the wall (and I think some aprts were still made out of paper-it kind of reminded me of Amanda's still life), and I loved all the photography. One favorite was the series of self-portraits but as different fanous actresses! I love those kinds of pictures because it reminds me of the idea of playing dress up from childhood and little girls dress up with their friends and pretend they are te different princesses or something like that. It's like there is always something we don't grow out of. I never see men do too many things like that. But it was just so much to see that half the time. my boyfirend and I didn;t even know where we were going! But it was a lot of fun!

Lisa Schwal said...

Intimidating? Yes.. i believe that's an understatement. The convention center was jam PACKED with wonderful goodies. But it's really hard to take everything because it's truly like you're a kid in a candy store, but the candy isn't sorted by kind. So of course my ADD kicked in BIG TIME. especially when i was confronted by pieces with holographic film, neon lights or paints or anything dealing with motion. Hell.. i even saw some comic book drawings with BATMAN IN THEM!! i was thrilled. If that could make it into Art Basel, i have a chance!! It just sucks that the people there are SOO incredibly rude. And i wish someone would have told me to dress up! growl.