Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homework #2

Good class. Now, for this week's comments, go to Miami Bourbaki. Pantoja's work is about movies, and the idea of a wordless/poster. Don't forget to become a friend.

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Signs for thought

The relation to spoken language and and writing is not simple. Many things said in speech cannot be represented in writing, and vice-versa. So, what is the equivalent of an ironic inflection? A whisper? A seductive tone of voice? Writing has many properties derived from its graphic nature. What is the spoken equivalent of a hyphen? A decorative initial? A sans serif face? Or the divisions of text into two columns of a page?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

VIVA DESIGN! homework #1

It was nice to meet all of you. Ok. So we've covered roughly from the upper paleolithic right up to the 15th Century! We talked about a bunch of stuff, from food design, and celebrity chefs like El Bulli's Ferràn Adriá, to cheap food -as if designed by the Food Industry- to eco-design and eco-products suited for the particular needs of underdeveloped countries.

Even wars can be designed. 

Design is breaking boundaries: from cutting edge architecture to part furniture/part noise hybrids, to tiny portable gardens, to innovative environments for exchanging ideas, etc.

Finally, design can become the stuff of manifestos.

So, take any theme from the entries below (the entries start right after my syllabus) and just make a comment on something that strikes your fancy. Please, sign your comments.  

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