Monday, December 12, 2005

Art 106 Class


Josh said...

i have to say that i really enjoyed the whole experience.

A.T. said...

Me too, Josh.

Heidi said...

Thank you for getting the place for us. It came out very professional.
I think it was a nice experience for all of us.
Any comments from the people ouside the group?

peter said...

The show was great Triff. Since it was so good, I suggest using that space for other classes because the pices really spofe for them selves that night.

anita said...

the work looked great,
the space was great.
everything was impressive.
as with josh i agree--the experience was great.

i'm really glad we had that space, can't stress that enough!

btw, will we get feedback on our pieces?

AT said...

Of course, Ana. It's just that I moved today... and you can imagine. I'll get back to you guys during the weekend.

Nydia said...

The exhibition came out a success! Among my favorites-all of them! However, I would love to get Lisa's Batman piece! That was awesome! The show went smoothly, I feel, and the experience was worth having! I've never done anything like that before-where I am a presentor-and it would be cool to do it again! Everyone did great! We should pat ourselves on the back and drink lots of hot chocolate!