Thursday, April 12, 2018

George Giusti & the pre LOGO as a systematic approach of the extension of corporate identities into multinational organizations

George Giusti's major achievement was the design of Magazine Covers. See how he mixes a diagrammatic language of information graphics with an iconography of recognizable objects.

George Giusti works almost exclusively in tempera. He uses the airbrush but with considerable reserve. He is careful not to lose the distinction of his own incisive brush-line. Usually he carries his designs as far as possible with the sable brush, then applies the airbrush where needed for soft gradations and very smooth tones. He uses colored inks in his airbrush, spraying them over the tempera.

Giusti's work for Fortune is elegant and smooth:

and this,

and this simple Doubleday book cover: so good!

Giusti's secret: Technology is in the air, weightless. Technology is the expression of scientific endeavor!   

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