Thursday, March 29, 2018

BAUHAUS (the designer's angle)

Walter Gropius, Dessau Bauhaus Building, (1926)

clean lines, 
air and sun,
modern aesthetics,
technology rules,
new materials: glass, steel, concrete,

Josef Albers, Homage to the Square (1965)
the square,
colors as symbols,
clean and crisp,

László Moholy-Nagy, Photogram (1926)

photography as technology,
black & white is a color,

Hannes Meyer, Konstruktion ca. 1927

Meyer's teaching manifesto applied to Bau: 1. sex life, 2. sleeping habits, 3. pets, 4. gardening, 5. personal hygiene, 6. weather protection, 7. hygiene in the home, 8. car maintenance, 9. cooking, 10. heating, 11. exposure to the sun, 12. services - these are the only motives when building a house. We examine the daily routine of everyone who lives in the house and this gives us the functional diagram - the functional diagram and the economic programme are the determining principles of the building project.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona chair (1929)

comfort (you are royal/modern)
curves can be sexy (use with caution)
modern can be expensive and affordable

Paul Klee, Red Balloon (ca. 1919)
think like a child,
color like a child,
reality is magic,

Wassily Kansdinsky, Composition VIII (1923)

art and music are best friends,
geometry can dance!

Walter Gropius, Sugar Bowl (1969)

this is late Gropius,
modern tao,
feminine wins!

Lyonel Feininger, OberWeimar, (1921)


Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chair (1927)

tubular comfort,
modern = steel + leather
furniture = sculpture

El Lissitzky, from the series Proun (early 1920's)
I. K. Bonset, typefaces, early 1920's

typeface for the machine age,
pre/digital premonition,
letters sound! blikken trommel = tin drum

Karl-Peter Röhl,Construction (1925)

Erich Dieckmann, Model Furnishings (1928)

 Xanti Schawinsky, Circus Stage Project (early 1920's)

Johannes Itten, Copper foil panel and stained glass (1916)
modern spirituality,
esoteric is cool,
make up your catalog of symbols,

Herbert Bayer, Lonely Metropolitan (1932)

photomontage as propaganda,
be nasty with symbols,