Thursday, February 15, 2018

what's wrong with Victorian design? "almost everything" - george stevens

How could one define elements of Victorian design?

1- Excessive ornament (flowery, symmetric, etc.),
2- The exotic (amalgamation of Moorish, Japanese and Indian styles),
3- A Medieval revival,
4- Imperialistic emblems,
5- Celtic revival,
6- Fabrics: velvet, serge or damask curtains trimmed with ball fringes and tassels
Colors: Heavy flock wallpapers in deep red, dark green or blue, covered with exaggerated damask patterns and almost hidden by large realistic paintings in wide gilded frames,
7- Imagine all of the above together with a conservative moral attitude characterized by sexual repression with a strong protocol-driven social ethic.

which brings me to this gargantuan piece of furniture:

michael jackson comissioned victorian sofa