Thursday, February 8, 2018

designing the romantic image (love and hate)

what is this wonderful caspar friedrich painting saying?

you're at the cusp but you'll pay the price: solitude (you're the better for it: romantics redesigned narcissism)

henry wallis the death of chatterton 

life is fleeting, death is near. only art saves the soul!

 theodore guéricault, raft of the medusa, 1816

life is a perilous journey! make the best of it.

thomas moran, the gran canyon (1862)

what is there in "this rat infested city..." (dickens) that compares with this? long live nature! (romantics designed ecology)

eugene delacroix, liberty leading the people (1830)

we can change the world through revolution (romantics designed nationalism)

john everett millais, ophelia (1851)

die young, never old!

the sleep of reason produces monsters, francisco goya (1798)

human's reason is a bad, bad advisor (go deeper, into your intuitions and dreams).

nadar, portrait of baudelaire

romantics designed the genius: the diabolical french poet (he will die of syphilis).

nadar, mikhail bakunin

the genius anarchist (he will rot in the slammer).

nadar, sarah bernhardt

the genius actress (she will lived possessed by her characters). 

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