Thursday, February 8, 2018

look at this babe. the koenig's steam-press in 1814. 1,100 impressions per hour!

friedrich koenig, arrived in London from Germany around 1804, presented his plans for a steam-powered printing press to major london printers. he finally got financial support in 1807. in march 1810 koenig obtained a patent for his press, which printed 400 sheets per hour, far more than the 250 sheets per hour that could be printed on the Stanhope handpress. 

this press is built up from a large flat inking table, which moves regularly back and forth, the form on the table holds the type. 

the paper travels clockwise round a large cloth covered cylinder, the impression roller and is pressed against the table. the ductor roller rotates and so draws ink from the attached reservoir. the ink passes from the ductor roller to the vibrating roller, this moves, on its arms, in a regular motion between the ductor roller and the table. 

the ink is spread thinly and evenly by the distributing rollers and then, as the table moves, passes onto the inking rollers. as the table continues to move the form passes alternately under the inking rollers, twice, and then under the impression roller.