Thursday, September 22, 2016


Victorian chromolithography card, 1880's

Chromolithography is a method for making multi-color prints. This type of color printing stemmed from the process of lithography, and it includes all types of lithography that are printed in color. Lithographers sought to find a way to print on flat surfaces with the use of chemicals instead of relief or intaglio printing. 

Which brings us to L. Prang & Co. (1880's-early 1900's). Louis Prang, from Boston, was the most prolific and influential publisher of American chromolithographs. Prang started to issue color-printed copies of famous paintings and launched his magazine, Prang's Chromo: A Journal of Popular Art. Prang's prints, which were "sold in all Picture stores," were based on oils and watercolors and received highly praised from the press. He created the market for chromolithographs in America, and his work was highly influential on firms around the country.