Thursday, April 5, 2018

neoplasticism: from typeface, to furniture, to architecture, to fine art

de stijl has a very particular flavor. you have to know how to read the code. let's start with the most primitive, 


van doesburg's


piet zwart's

only then, you can infer this form:


and this,

rietveld's chair

see that all the objects above belong in the same function, what i mean to say is 
1- color scheme (red, black, yellow, blue), 
2- abstract geometric essence (i.e., the parallelogram, preferably the rectangle), 
3- abstraction i.e., relation between negative positive,

then this follows,

jacobus oud's cafe de unie, rotterdam, 1925

rietveld's METZ

van doesburg's cinébal, strasbourg 

white stripes album cover

what is unique about neoplasticism? 

angular forms that breath in minimal movement
remember: no circle nor curve. 

pure metaphysics!