Thursday, April 5, 2018

Welcome to Plakatstil!

lucien bernhard poster 

"Plakatstil" means "poster style" in German. Plakatstil, was an early poster style of art that began in the early 1890's and originated out of Germany.

lucien bernhard poster

Characteristics: 1- usually bold, straight font with very simple design. 2- flat presentation, 3- shapes and objects are simplified, while the subject of the poster remains detailed.

julius klinger poster

What's the aim? Standardization!

lucien bernhard

Smooth image for consumer identification. See that Plakatstil shied away from the tentacle/like complexity of Art Nouveau in order to emphasize a more modern outlook on poster art. Famous Plakatstil artists include Lucian Bernhard and artist Ludwig Hohlwein.