Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mathieu Lehanneur (design the environment)

 Aquarium/Pot Plants by Mathieu Lehanneur (2011)

Lehanneur is a creator of iconic objects which immediately summarize a time, a place or a brand. Mathieu Lehanneur therefore returns to simply good and useful design by referring to natural history more than to design history; for him the user is above all a body, a place of chemical exchange whose physiology is to be attended to in order respond to its needs, desires, or emotions.

Liquid Marble, 2013, for Milan Design week
It is an exploration of natural and technical possibilities which permit him to produce objects which are equally functional and magical, as well as both strange and friendly. An intuitive or very real recognition, he sometimes even collaborates with scientists and doctors to invent new ergonomics when confronted with our tangible challenges: to breathe better; to sleep better; to love better; to live better." - Anthony van den Bossche.

More recently, Lehanneur is into this:

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