Thursday, February 15, 2018

Selwyn Image, The Century Guild Hobby Horse (1886)

Artist Selwyn Image along with writer Herbert Horne and other founding members of the Century Guild, used the Hobby Horse to represent an idea of integrated graphic design and the fine arts.

1- The Hobby Horse was a quarterly Victorian periodical in England published by the Century Guild of Artists. The magazine ran from 1884–1894 and spanned a total of seven volumes and 28 issues. It featured various articles not only on arts and design but other subjects including literature and social issues as well.

2- The Century Guild Hobby Horse was one of the last versions of the literature and art journal, a genre born with the Pre-Raphaelite Germ in 1850.
3- Unlike The Yellow Book and The Savoy, The Hobby Horse was not solely committed to an elite aestheticism.