Thursday, January 18, 2007

Neo Rauch is an important artist working in new tendencies in painting.In the late 1980's he was one of the most promising painters in East Germany, after the fall of Comunism his art changed. He mixes the old Socialist Realism with environments that look acrid, poisoned. Nature is capable of mutating forms, more in tune with science fiction than paradise. I think his works convey a reality that is bleak and hopeful.


Josh said...

bleak and hopeful? how?

i found the work to have a similar appearance to de chirico. the mood and tone may be different but there does appear to be some sort of influence with the architecture in the painting. maybe it's just because it's in perspective...haha.

naomi Witt said...

I love the detail in the background, particularly the sky in this piece, but I don’t get the feeling of the environment being poisoned and am really confused about what is coming out of both pieces of luggage.