Thursday, January 18, 2007

In his pieces, Maurizio Cattelan combines a tragic vision with a subversive humor. In this piece, obviously, the pope has been hit by a meteorite coming from heaven. You make your own conclusions!


Josh said...

i wonder if duane hanson ever tried such a "joke."

naomi Witt said...

What kind of work is this? Is it 3D or a painting? Because as a 2D image as it appears on the screen I don’t find it very effective, I’m lost as to what is going on. I only understood after I read the description. As a 3d piece though I would have registered better what the dark blob was a meteorite and that the pope had been knocked over as apposed to him just having just been depicted at an odd angle. If I had been able to register what was happening quicker, I would have found it a lot funnier.