Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jerzy Flisak, master of the "ugly"

Jerzy Flisak was a drawer, poster, graphic and set designer. Graduated from Jose Marti High School in Warsaw, he studied architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology.

He made his debut in 1950, still as a student, in the competition organized by the weekly magazine Szpilki, where he became graphic editor later.

Furthermore, his illustrations were published in Świerszczyk, Płomyczek, Polityka, weekly magazine Świat, Przeglądz Kulturalny.

Flisak' is the master of a style often described as neglectful.
1- deliberately ugly,
2- non-aesthetic,
3- painted with fat paintbrushes, done almost casually.
4- this "clumsiness" makes for Flisak's inexhaustible humor,

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Diana Habashneh said...

glad i came by this blog, thanks for sharing this and all the effort :)