Thursday, April 19, 2018

Julian Pałka (the drama of the human image)

Julian Pałka, born in 1923 in Poznań, he studied at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. He defended his diploma in 1951 and two years later was employed at his Alma Mater, which he served as rector on two separate occasions. 

He won the gold medal at the International Poster Biennial held in Warsaw (1968) and the All-Poland Biennial in Katowice (1867).

This is what Adam Myjak, one of his students has to say: 
Julian always remained a warm and modest human being. Although retired, he continued to frequent our students’ exhibitions every year,’ said Julian had been seriously ill for several years but he never neglected his teaching duties at the European Academy of Art, where he had lectured since 1993.