Thursday, March 29, 2018

BAUHAUS in architecture

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haus am horn designed by george muche

a simple cubic design, utilizing steel and concrete in its construction. at the center of the house was a clerestory-lit living room, twenty-feet square, with specialized rooms surrounding it. this is how walter gropius described the design: "in each room, function is important, e.g. the kitchen is the most practical and simple of kitchens -- but it is not possible to use it as a dining room as well."

or bruno taut,
bruno taut's Onkel-Toms-Hütte, in Wilkistrasse
what's important is taut's modern flat roofs, access to sun, air and gardens, and generous amenities like gas, electric light, and bathrooms. critics on the political german right complained that these developments were too opulent for "simple people."

or else, the amazing Wissenhoffsiedlung!

the square implies the flatness, no ornamentation (after loos)

loos' rufer house, 1922
perhaps with the exception of this parthenon-like freeze (so the idea is still to atenuate the rigidness)... see the random arrangement of windows? the wall is a blank surface, a piece of paper for neue typographie 1- no central axis, 2- the "content" dictates the arrangement, 3- let's avoid "standard" solutions.