Thursday, March 1, 2018

der blaue riter, what a gang!

Franz and Maria Marc, left, Heinrich Campedonk (second from right), Kandinsky seated, 1911

franz marc, blue horse, 1911
To Edschmid, the Expressionists were not photographers but people overcome by visions, not concerned with catching the "momentary effect of a situation" but "its eternal significance." Instead of trying to describe, the Expressionists, he felt, were concerned with "experience." Their aim was to "create" rather than to "reproduce" what they saw. Instead of responding receptively to what went on about them, they moved out "searching" for a new world and a "New Man" to people that world. Enveloping all Expressionist creation there is the aura of never-ending excitement (From Bernard S. Myers's German Expresionists: A Generation in Revolt).

Poster by Max Pechstein