Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pipilotti Rist's "Fourth Wall" (2000's). "Having fantasised as a teenager that she was the Swiss John Lennon, Rist played drums, flute and bass for several years in the band Les Reines Prochaines and she has long been fascinated by the power and potential of pop. Her video soundtracks are often familiar-unfamiliar renditions of classic pop ballads with a raw bass guitar edge, devoid of pop promo gloss. Many of her songs are written with Anders Guggisberg, and they often collapse into hysterical disintegration by the end, quickly dispelling any candy-pop fantasies of easy gratification. In the past, Rist's installations have explored the signifiers of femininity and co-opted them into a new political aesthetic that critically celebrates femininity without attacking masculinity. A startling reworking of 1970s feminist political film, video and performance, as well as the sexual cliché of contemporary 'porno-pop', Rist's work is close to the celebratory, no-hostage wit of artists like Sarah Lucas. Rist's flow of imagery seduces and unnerves, exploring mutability, transformation and visual pleasure experienced through all the senses. Her installations present ideas that offer a space to think - or rather, to un-think our assumptions and perceptions."-- Taken from

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