Thursday, March 8, 2007

Barbara Kruger's "Seeing Through You" (1980's). Kruger really knows how to capture our attention with her bold socio-political photomurals, displayed on billboards, bus stops and public transportation as well as in major museums and galleries wordwide. "Kruger herself has explained her work in terms of critique, one that finds its ally in words and its target in pictures; her aim, she says, is to "interrupt the stunned silences of the image with the uncouth impertinences and uncool embarrassments of language." The idea that visual imagery is inherently pernicious is played up not only by the bygone McCarthy-era look of most of her black-and-white photos, but also by their often violent subject matter, a violence aestheticized through noir lighting or other abstracting effects."--Lane Relyea, Art Forum International, February 2000.


Sire Gerard Saitner said...

This great art work of Barbara makes me also think of Man Ray" masterpiece " Tears '1930 ". Sire G.

Sire Gerard Saitner said...

I like Mrs Kruger art very much and yes you are getting to the point in your blog.Thanx.Sire G.