Monday, February 12, 2007


We've received an invitation from Silvia Cubina (the director at the Moore Space) to visit her space this Thursday at 7:15pm! Silvia will talk about their actual show, CLAMOR.

I propose that we meet in the same place (at Merrick 309 A, at 6:20pm) and then leave for the gallery. We can car pool to the venue, which is only 20 minutes away. Please, leave a comment here in case you need anything (I can comfortably fit three of you in my car).

Moore Space
4040 NE 2nd Avenue
(second floor)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Triff should cur-rate an exhibition as such - but he probably won't for his own community safety. The theme should be based on 'every creative person who's parents are separated and/or, make under 50,000k combined.'
A "pipe dream" non-the-less.
The Moore space trip sounds good for my class, and for "kiss ass".

tae said...

OK. I plan to participate.

Meng said...

I will like to go, but I am sooo bad with streets.

A.T. said...

Meng, don't worry we'll take you.

AlexLee said...

I can go, but don't have a car so I need to hop in someones.

Kristal said...

I would need a ride aswell, and I'd love to go.