Saturday, February 17, 2007

Clamor and Zero Hero

Thursday we had the opportunity to see two very different shows: CLAMOR by Allora & Calzadilla, and Zero Hero by John Bock. Silvia's presentation was convincing. She talked about war, military music, Vieques, Minimalism, performance art, Viennese Actionism, Arte Povera, Fluxus, etc. It was an unique opportunity: One of Miami's best curators just for ourselves (inside the empty space of the gallery). What are your thoughts?


achasey said...

Did you send out an email or something telling us somewhere new to meet? I must not be on your list of adresses because i didnt recieve one. I went to class and no one was there then i waited for a while and figured that class was canceled. I am somewhat dissapointed because I looked at sojme of the links and it seems like an interesting time. I assume that class is at the regular time and place this week but if it is not please let me know. Maybe i need to get a syllabus or something but i have not found one online. My email address is if there is anything i can do to make up for the missed class let me know and id be happy to work something out.

A.T. said...

Adam, if you posted your comment last week you would've found out about it. It'e there for eht record. Then we waited until quarter to with the group before we left. The syllabus is obviously at the beginning of this blog and we talked about that in class.

tae said...

I was really very energized by the whole experience. I thought it was great! There really is nothing better than to see an art show with a knowledgeable person guiding you through. I really found the performance piece to be entertaining and inspiring. There was so much to see, and it really made you think. There was so much you could take away from that exhibit even without an explanation. But, the first piece, I thought required the explanation or you just wouldn’t get it. I found it too abstract and lacking. There really wasn’t anything interesting about the sculpture. The music was interesting, and I can see its connection to war. But, for me anyway, the message was lacking.

JustineH said...

I thought the first presentation was better, but thats just my opinion. Perhaps maybe just because it seemed more impressive to me and thats something I look for in art, something that makes you say wow. I also liked the wit and humour of the calzadillo show.

While the second also merits praise for its whimsy and flat out insanity, it just didnt really appeal to me. Going against it though was the fact that it was intended as performance art and the artefacts alone lack the power the performance would have held. All in all it was a good experience and worth seeing.

La Lady said...

Stephanie, Justin, and I were the firsts ones to arrive at the first gallery and the curator lady basically turned it on for us. I thought it was fascinating even before I read the artists statement on the wall. But after I read it added a completely new layer...I also felt quite lucky that she was willing to give us our own personal tour of the place that late at night. I sat in front of the structure in the first exhibit for a really long time and was able to distinguish one song from another. How that is possible without it sounding like a mess and more as a fusion was well-done.

As far as the second gallery I found it to be a little dark. It was a very demented enviornment, but was left from the performance worked very well as an installation. If i had to choose which one I enjoyed more I would have to go with the first one. I kind of felt like I was under the influence of a very strong both exhibits. All I can ask for is more more more...lets go to more galleries. I truly enjoyed myself.

Meng said...

Sorry I couldn't make it last Thursday, my car broke down and I couldn't get a ride to class on time.

j.namon said...

I totally dig the idea of artists who collaborate to create. As they say two heads are better than one and I can't help but agree. Working with another artist is almost like a critique in process the entire time you're creating. It gives you different prespectives at almost any time, and vice versa. I truly appreciated the late night private presentation. It was interesting.
I don't have much to say about the performing artist. i just knew it was german based. we should definetly do this again if we can sometime later in the semester.

AlexLee said...

Clamor was a real interesting piece to me. I enjoyed the combination of art and music. Between the rock and the different horn sounds worked well together to represent the sound of war. Along with the sound was the massive fort that looked like a piece of a mountain and blockade. I also liked the fact that you could walk around the piece too. of the two we saw this one for sure was my favorite.

Zero Hero was pretty crazy. I'm still trying to figure out how I exactly feel about it. I bet I could appreciate it more if it were performed in front of me rather then watching the video of it taking place. I did like all the colors it used and creativity but it was a little too crazy for me to understand.

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