Thursday, February 22, 2018

SIMPLICISSIMUS, Le plus grand magazine illustré de tous le temps,

1- Simplicissimus combined brash and politically daring content, with a bright, immediate, and surprisingly modern graphic style.

2- Its most reliable targets for caricature were stiff Prussian military figures, and rigid German social and class distinctions as seen from the more relaxed, liberal atmosphere of Munich.
3- The list of contributors in itself speaks of a modern generation of European artists, such as Rilke, Hermann Hesse, Gustav Meyrink, Theodor Heine, Fanny zu Reventlow, Jakob Wassermann, Frank Wedekind, Heinrich Kley, Alfred Kubin, Otto Nückel, Robert Walser, Heinrich Zille, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Heinrich Mann, Lessie Sachs, and Erich Kästner.

(a great site here)

Eduard Thony
Karl Arnold, the master of the (oval-figured & squared-figured)
Bruno Paul,
Theodor Heine,

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