Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1- To design an "A, E, C, Q, U, P, S, N, G, T"- alphabet (capital and lower case).
2- One letter (capital and lower case) per page (8x11.5 inches).
3- Black ink or marker.
4- To be exhibited in class in 2 weeks from this Thursday.
5- Any question post it here.


Lauren said...

Before this assignment was due this Thursday the 12th....In your post it says two two weeks from this Thursday so have you now changed the date to the 26th-just to verfiy?

A.T. said...

That's right, Lauren.

Magdalena said...

I thought you said we were designing vowels... so now instead of that we do those letters you posted?

A.T. said...

Because the remaining letters are very important in terms of their form (a different "groove to them" that I'll explain in class tomorrow).

Elysa D. Batista said...

My question is not in reference to the assignment, but it does have to do with our class. I was wondering how we could obtain a "Writing Credit" in the course. Can it be through blogging more entries? or writing a paper perhaps? please let me know.

A.T. said...

Elysa, send me an email and let's discuss it.

Taylor said...

by "black ink" do you mean black printer ink? I assumed so but I want to double check..

Anonymous said...

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