Thursday, February 8, 2018

graphic design for the encyclopedia! les encyclopédistes' revolution of knowledge

Encyclopaedia, or Descriptive Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts and Trades - one of the most important works by French enlightener, writer, philosopher and encyclopaedist Denis Diderot (1713-1784). It was published during 1751-1780 (in 7 vol., with 11 vol. of illustrations and 4 vol. of supplements), and was the crowning glory of the efforts of the French intellectual minds and printers of that time.

the encyclopedia and the mechanical arts claims: 
1. The materials and the places where they are found, the manner in which they are prepared, their good and bad qualities, the different kinds available, the required processing before and during their utilization.
2. The main products that are made with them and how this is done.
3. We have supplied the names, descriptions, and diagrams of tools and machines, with their parts when taken apart and assembled; the section of certain molds and other instruments if it is appropriate to know about the interior design, their contours, etc.
4. We have explained and represented the workmanship and the principal operations in one or several plates where sometimes only the hands of the craftsman can be seen and sometimes the entire craftsman in action, working at the most important task in his art or trade.
5. We have collected and defined in the most accurate way possible the terms that are peculiar to a given art or trade