Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jan Lenica: Jan Lenica (1928-2002) belongs to the so-called "slime-and-gore" period of the Polish poster. Lenica's art was associated with film and theater. He studied in the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznań Technical University. He worked in satirical cartoon drawing, illustration, graphic art and graphic design, exhibition design, scenography, posters, animated films.
Roman Cieslewicz: Roman Cieślewicz (1930-1996) was closely associated with the Polish avant-garde theater, transformed the poster into a metaphysical medium to express ideas that would be difficult to articulate. He brought a number of techniques to graphic design: enlarging, montage, halftones images to a scale that turns the dots into texture, setting up an interplay between two levels of information: the image and the dots they create.
Franciszek Starowieyski: Franciszek Starowieyski, 1930-Born in Cracow and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He works in graphic design, drawing, theater, television scenography, murals and posters. He was the originator of the "Theater of Drawing."
Waldemar Swierzy: Waldemar Świerzy style draws on folk art and Twentieth-Century fine art. He often incorporates acrylics, crayon, and watercolor into his designs. His Jimmy Hendrix posters are famous for its swirling psychedelic designs.
Henryk Tomaszewski: Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005) was born in Warsaw and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He taught there from 1952-1985 and was granted the title Honorary Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts, London. Though he studied commercial art, satirical illustrations and stage design, he devoted himself to poster design for most of his career. He was highly influential as a professor and many of his students went on to become influential poster artists in Poland.