Thursday, February 15, 2018

arts and crafts and ruskin's credo

Room by William Morris
what's the idea behind the arts and crafts movement?

1- to reestablish the tie between beautiful work and the worker & 2- return to honesty in design (not to be found in mass-produced items). 3- the talent and creativity of the individual craftsman who attempts to create a total environment. 

these are some results:  

* Richly detailed Gothic style, 
* Interior walls, either white-washed or covered in wallpaper depicting medieval themes. * Pottery and textile designs are intricate, colorful and realistic. 
* While the original intent was to provide handmade goods to the common man, the cost of paying craftsmen an honest wage resulted in higher prices than the common man could afford.

Ruskin's aesthetic credo: 1- Art is not a matter of taste, but involves the whole man. These facts must be perceived by the senses, or felt; not learnt. 2- Beauty of form is revealed in organisms which have developed perfectly according to their laws of growth, and so give, in his own words, 'the appearance of felicitous fulfillment of function.' 3- This fulfillment of function depends on all parts of an organism cohering and cooperating. 4- Great art is the expression of epochs where people are united by a common faith and a common purpose, accept their laws, believe in their leaders, and take a serious view of human destiny.