Friday, November 10, 2006

Maritza Molina

Maritza Molina’s presentation was interesting because as it turns, we’ve talked about issues that -even tangentially- touch her work: Performance, the use of the body as vehicle for self-expression, Feminism, etc. Is there a distinction between photography as such and the documenting of a performance? What do you think?

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Michele Rowand said...

I thought it was interesting how Maritza pointed out that some of her concepts came to her like a painting - in a single composition whereas others were meant to be performed.

She was very interesting indeed. I would never have guessed she would have been willing to risk her physical self in her art so often since she is so demure. I found her so fascinating that questions did not come to me - I was still taking it all in.

Photography and video can be used the same way as a record of a moment in time. Or they both can be used as a form of a canvas - as a way to display a concept. In photography there is just more space between the next shot then there is in video.