Friday, October 13, 2006


K.H.'s presentation left me wondering about the many different facets of this thing we call art criticism (she kept talking about "community"). What are your thoughts?


Michele Rowand said...

I have done my course studies in much too much isolation. Kathy's comments and others from the other speakers have made it clear that networking is very important in the art community if you truly want to be a player in the art business game.

The problem I have with critics is that I prefer to read them after I've checked out a show. After I've formed my own opinion. I want to decide for myself and then talk about it.

I've never before worked with a blog site. It's kind of fun to have someone set up a straw man and then perhaps take a shot at knocking him down. And the potential of having my ideas heard is also appealing.

I spent some time looking at thenextfewhours. There is so much to read! I feel I'll get lost and never come back - like going to the UM library. What a great resource!!

Dominic Halley-Roarke said...

I think one of the interesting aspects of criticism raised by Kathleen's experiences is the contrast between two types of criticism with different aims-one which evaluates a work in terms of sucess in meeting already accepted or agreed on criteria, and another that uses the process to evalute those criteria.
When she finds a decline in participation after a major blog battle, I think it might be that some of the commentors have been inspired by the fight to spend more time making art. The lows in the participation cycle maybe in this sense, an indication of another positive function of the blog.

Tim Farron said...

both michele and dominic make very valid points. The revolution of the internet makes intelligent discourse over many subjects possible in ways never before conceived. For instance, the idea of a pubicly editable encyclopedia would have drawn no weight 100 years ago, but today it is alive and well in the form of But consider for a moment the opposite side of the spectrum- can art be created by the masses, and is it worthy? I've created a site to try to find out: Please navigate there and take a look at past art the site has produced, as well as participate in current canvases. Good luck to you guys!