Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some artnews

1- Power to the people in China (via Artdaily). 2- Calatrava's Fordham Building could be a masterpiece in a city with many (via WILLisms). 3- How about market trends? It means you've become a commodity. So what? 4- Local art & food (via Critical Miami) 5- The Next Few Hours is the coolest artblog in Miami (Kathleen is doing her MFA at UM and may come to talk to our class in October). 6- Who said there was no "ecological art"? 7- This is a fresh place to think about art. See you later...

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Ernie Marc Selditch said...

The Headline of

Man Sues Palace Museum For Not Reducing Fee.

BEIJING, CHINA.- Curiously enough the plaintiff of the litigation against the Palace Museum wished to see the Hall of Supreme Harmony at the centre of the Forbidden City.
The Museum had failed to display that areas were closed for maintenance where tickets were sold and the person was distraught when he found the Hall of Supreme Harmony closed for repair.

Obviously this person desperately needed some harmony and now believes they can find it with a lawyer. The lawsuit did get the Museum to put up signs indicating areas closed for work. At least the plaintiff wasn't run over by a tank; an honor is reserved for Tienniman Square. Maybe this is a statement to Maoist art lovers every where.
But the real bottom line is suing a museum in the United States for a similar incident would be like getting blood from a freeze dried turnip.

The Anecdote section is a hoot, some really neat trivia.
But I wonder where Giotto received his training in Zen Buddism?
Is this trivia piece a renaissance koan?